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“Mirco Gaspari is the sole reason anyone needed to coin the phrase “denim couture”. The Italian designer, whose painted jeans have adorned street style stars, said the project was inspired by Rorschach tests. What does it mean if the only thing we see in the inkblotted-jeans is ourselves wearing them”


Mirco gaspari is a young upcycling brand based in Paris. Its vision is organic and avoids any ideas of season, collection and mass production. All pieces are resurrected by the designer himself thanks to different customization techniques. They are available on the brand ecommerce website. A fresh approach already supported by big names in the industry like Browns or Farfetch.


Born in Italy, Mirco Gaspari settled in Paris few years ago. His inspirations come from his country and his mother, a seamstress who gave him the passion of fashion. He aims to give to his customers a unique experience thanks to unique clothes and accessories.


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