“wearing mirco gaspari’s painted jeans is like discovering the secret bar at a certain London restaurant for the first time – you want to tell everyone and yet have nobody know”

“mirco gaspari is the sole reason anyone needed to coin the phrase “denim couture”. The Italian designer, whose painted jeans have adorned street style stars, said the project was inspired by Rorschach tests. What does it mean if the only thing we see in the inkblotted-jeans is ourselves wearing them”


mirco gaspari is a brand new design label focuses on handmade pieces personally by the designer which started off with vintage denim and now expanded to a real collection made in italy and hand painted in paris.


an italian native, he was inspired from his country and from creating with his mother at a young age, his love for fashion grew and in the past years decided to start his own label.

he wanted to make a unique label that would included each piece to be personally designed by himself. the dream to allow his costumers to have the experience to have a unique piece just for themselves.

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